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  1. What are the specifications of the RSP Ambulance Simulator?
    • Type I: 8’ wide, 12’ long, 8’6” high
    • Type II: 6’6” wide, 11’ long, 8’4” high
    • Type III: 8’ wide, 12’ long, 8’ high
  2. How much does the RSP Ambulance Simulator weigh?
    • The RSP Ambulance simulator weighs approximately 2,500 pounds.
  3. Will the RSP Ambulance Simulator fit in a classroom?
    • Yes. All the components easily fit through a standard classroom door and the assembled RSP Ambulance Simulator fits in a classroom, even most modular classrooms!
  4. What are the electrical requirements for the RSP Ambulance Simulator?
    • The RSP Ambulance Simulator utilizes a standard 110V electrical outlet.
  5. Can Rescue Simulation Products add custom graphics to the exterior of the RSP Ambulance Simulator?
    • Yes, Rescue Simulation Products can arrange for custom graphics up to and including complete wraps.
  6. Does the RSP Ambulance Simulator qualify for grants?
    • Yes. We have worked with several organizations who have funded the RSP Ambulamce Simulator through single and multiple funding resources.
  7. What specifications are the RSP Ambulance Simulator built to?
    • The RSP Ambulance Simulator is built to reflect Federal KKK-A-1822 Ambulance specifications.
  8. What is unique about the RSP Ambulance Simulation?
    • The RSP Ambulance Simulator is time tested and EMS educator proven by agencies and institutions the world round with over 100 RSP Ambulance Simulator in service and not one dissatisfied customer! Your 100% complete satisfaction is guaranteed.
  9. Does Rescue Simulation Products carry insurance?
    • Yes, Rescue Simulation Products carry $1,000,000 in general liability, commercial vehicle and workers’ compensation policies.
  10. Why should I purchase an RSP Rescue Ambulance Simulator?
    • The RSP Rescue Ambulance Simulator represents a value packed scenario and simulation adjunct that provides EMS students and professionals the ability to practice and perfect tasks, procedures, and policies in an environment that represents the reality of the ambulance workspace.


  1. The RSP Ambulance Simulator can be assembled in an existing classroom, even a portable or modular style classroom!

  2. Designed for the entire class to observe a scenario

  3. Every detail of the EMS ambulance experience has been included in this simulator

  4. The design represents an actual Mobile Intensive Care Unit

  5. The Educator can coach and evaluate students on all EMS tasks and protocols completed within the dimensions of a real Type I, Type II or Type III ambulance using this hiqh quality value packed training adjunct

  6. The cost-benefit ratio easily proves that owning an RSP Ambulance Simulator will demonstrate your agency or institution’s commitment to simulation and the future of the educational program

  7. There is minimal maintenance expense to the RSP Ambulance Simulator compared to an actual ambulance

  8. The entire class can benefit from training in a climate-controlled environment

  9. The purchase of an RSP Ambulance Simulator reflects the institution or agency’s commitment to technology and professionalism

  10. Over 100 extremely satisfied organizations have already purchased RSP Ambulance Simulators for simulation and scenario training for initial EMT, Paramedic and MICN education as well as continuing education and CQI remediation

    Students and educators observe students perform EMS tasks and protocols in a realistic environment!

    Suction, oxygen and electrical outlets in locations are specified by Federal KKK-A-1822 Ambulance Purchasing Guide.

    Add a video camera(s) for real-time remote observation and playback for debriefing!