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The Classroom Simulator


  • Base: Seven engineered-truss system interlock for stability. The truss system is approved by
    a licenesed structural engineer
  • Wall & Joints: Walls are 3/4” engineered Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with a high-pressure
    coating on exposed surfaces. The joints are patented two-part fastening system of extruded PVC to join and reinforce wall panels and corners. All joints are color coordinated to exterior walls. 
  •  Cabinets: All construction is high pressure MDF laminated on exposed surfaces permanently
    attached to the interior
  • Floor: 3/4” cabinet-grade plywood subfloor with color-coordinated, hospital-grade vinyl flooring
  • Electrical Wiring: Low voltage electrical. Automotive specified wiring and connections, insulated and enclosed in a protective loom. The connectors are automotive style with a rating at a minimum of 125% of the load. All connectors are mechanically crimped.
  • Lights: Six LED interior lights (3 over primary patient, 3 over squad bench). Side switches work independently from patient area.
  • Oxygen Outlet Supply: One Ohmeda-style quick connect outlet plumbed to exterior location for customer furnished compressed air cylinder.
  • Accessories: Rhino coating lined bumper and diamond plated kick plates

Standard Options

  • Interior Storage Cabinets
  • ALS/BLS Basic Cabinet Shelving
  • CPR Seat with Inside Storage
  • Attendant Airway Seat
  • Squad Bench with Inside Storage
  • Action Control Station Area
  • Interior Lighting per KKK Specifications
  • Oxygen Outlet
  • RICO Suction Canister (Display Only)
  • Disposable Sharps Containter in Patient Compartment
  • Overhead IV Hanger
  • Exterior Code Lights (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Locking Narcotics Cabinet
  • Protective Soft Edge

Additional Options

  • 46" HD color Monitor
  • (4) Color Camera System in Ceiling - Resolution 720p
  • (4) HD Color Camera System in Ceiling - Resolution 1080p
  • Rear Entry Height 30"
  • Diamond Plate ALS Exterior Equipment Access Door
  • Diamond Plate Back Board Storage Access Door
  • Diamond Plate Exterior Accessed Oxygen Storage
  • Vacuum Pump for RICO Suction
  • Akro Bin Storage Containers
  • Additional IV Solution Ceiling Hanger
  • Air Compressor
  • Additional Oxygen Outlet in Ceiling
  • Flowmeter
  • Whelen LED Lights
  • Rollok Security Door
  • Ferno EXL Scoop/Backdoor Stretcher
  • Ferno/Stryker Gurney/Cot Mounting Apparatus
  • Ferno Gurney/Cot
  • Storage Doors

Installed Simulators

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Weber State University has one of the nation’s oldest programs for training emergency medical responders, and now it has cutting edge technology as well.

The school now has a realistic simulator built to resemble an ambulance. See the full article here

Students and educators observe students perform EMS tasks and protocols in a realistic environment!

Suction, oxygen and electrical outlets in locations are specified by Federal KKK-A-1822 Ambulance Purchasing Guide.

Add a video camera(s) for real-time remote observation and playback for debriefing!