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Rescue Simulation Products...”coming to the rescue of EMS practitioners, instructors and students since 1986”

2016 marks our 30th year that we have proudly served the ambulance industry. Decades of experience empowers our staff to effectively support EMTs and paramedics with superior educational tools during the training process - and beyond. Rescue Simulation Products believes the more realistic training exercises are - the better equipped EMTs and paramedics will be in real life emergencies.

RSP’s premiere product is the Ambulance Simulator. The RSP Simulator is the closest thing there is to being in a functioning ambulance. It can be assembled in any EMS Skills Lab enabling hands-on tutorial of EMS protocol. The innovative design provides the perfect environment for observation and assessment by instructors as well as fellow students.

The RSP Ambulance Simulator was born from a problem requiring a solution. When Rescue Simulation Products was delivering a new ambulance to a firehouse, several trainees said they were not authorized to drive the ambulance due to lack of hands-on training in the back of the ambulance. The problem – there was no ambulance to train with in the classroom. All training had to be done on clinical rides on real ambulances with certified paramedics.

This urgent need sparked the concept of RSP’s Ambulance Simulator. Years of close collaboration with firefighters, paramedics and instructors – and a lot of fine tuning yielded the first and only known ambulance simulator in the United States, conceived and manufactured by Rescue Simulation Products. Today, the RSP Ambulance Simulator is the go-to choice of EMS learning institutions worldwide.